Thursday, August 28, 2008

She topped the scales at 907 pounds …

Biggest pumpkin in Alaska

… the pumpkin, that is.

Today the biggest pumpkins in Alaska weighed-in at the State Fair, all two of them. Neither beat the current state record of 1,019 pounds from 2006.

The obvious winner was a 907-pounder, triple the size of the second-place pumpkin at 328 pounds. Growers blame the cool temperatures this summer for their pumpkins stunted growth.

Even though the pumpkins didn’t pull through, at least the radishes managed to break some records. Farmer Ron Castor now holds the top record for the biggest white radish ever grown at 15.985 pounds.

I’m biting my nails waiting to find out who’s going to win the giant cabbage competition tomorrow night.

We haven’t made it up to the Alaska State Fair yet, but I’m happy the news is covering every pound of pumpkin, radish and cabbage that comes through. Alaska, you gotta love it …

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