Friday, June 26, 2009

Florida, here we come...

The papers are signed, we've got our orders and we'll be moving out of Alaska on July 11. Yep, two weeks from tonight Andrew and I will be preparing to drive out of here - all the way back to sunny South Florida.

We've mapped out the trip and it's going to take us about two weeks to get from Anchorage, AK, to Miami, FL. Factoring in all the little stops we want to make, it's going to be one great adventure.

Can't wait to see everyone when we get there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I heart New York, but not these folks

So, I haven't said anything about the Sarah Palin/David Letterman tiff (mainly because I think it's silly), but I just can't hold back from posting this video from New York Magazine.

They say two wrongs don't make a right, though somehow I don't think this group of Manhattan protesters have ever heard of the idea. Call me crazy, but calling someone's kid a bastard and his wife a slut won't erase anything the guy may have said last week.

I'm just sayin'...

My favorite quotes:

Lady in yellow: "This schmuck has nobody! You know what schmuck means in Jewish?"

Reporter: "How do you feel about Jay Leno?"
Protester: "I only watch Fox News channel."

Protester: "Go home and take care of your kids! They could be next!"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Memories of D-Day documented on video

Andrew and I heard about this awesome website, Witness to War, while watching the CBS Evening News tonight and haven't been able to pull ourselves away from the videos since.

The Witness to War project is not about the set piece movements of armies, the military strategies of generals, nor the geo political nuances that led to war. Instead, it is about the ‘foxhole’ view of combat as seen by the soldiers who experienced it. It is about the fear, the emotions, the training, and the previously untapped wells of personal strength that enabled ordinary individuals to survive, and in some cases thrive, under extraordinary pressures and almost unimaginable danger.
This Saturday, June 6, is the anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy (D-Day). Visit the D-Day section of Witness to War and spend a few minutes listening to first-hand accounts of what happened.

I know war stories and birthday's don't make a great pair, but I still want to say Happy Birthday Kyle anyway. We hope you're having a fantastic girls' weekend in Naples with all of your friends.

(My apologies go out to Charlie Gibson for watching CBS, but the basketball game was on. Sorry.)