Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend recap

On Friday night we went to see "No Country for Old Men" up at the Beartooth Theaterpub. I really wanted to see this movie after all the Oscar nominations it was up for (I think it may have won one or two). I'm not sure what I was expecting, but there were way more gunshots than I expected.

The storyline could be compared to an old Western, but with a creepy twist - guy finds briefcase full of money at a drug-money desert shootout, psychopath is hired to collect the money, kills everyone who gets in his way, lots of chasing, shooting, all the good stuff.

It was a good movie, I would recommend it if you can handle all the shoot 'em up violence. We only had to pay $3 to see it, ate a couple slices of pizza and a piece of carrot cake - sounds like a good night to me!

On Saturday we headed out to the Alaska Zoo, right here in Anchorage. Compared to Miami's Metro Zoo, this place resembles a big petting zoo. Still, it was something to get out and see, and Andrew was almost taken down by a Musk Ox (read further).

Most of the animals at the zoo are native to Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, but they also have a few more exotic animals. The weather was wonderful for a trip to the zoo. When I say wonderful, I mean it was just a bit warmer than completely arctic.

Take notice in the pictures of the Musk Ox (big, hairy buffalo-looking guy with horns). Andrew was close to the railing, snapping pictures of the ox. It didn't seem to even notice us when out of nowhere it charges in Andrew's direction. I'm happy the fence was there, but we still both went running in opposite directions when this guy started charging. It was definitely the highlight of the trip to the zoo, it's not everyday Andrew gets charged by a Musk Ox.

Well, just another wild and crazy weekend up here in Anchorage.

Here are the pictures Andrew took at the zoo ...

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