Monday, March 10, 2008

More Alaskan wildlife

On Sunday we went out with plans to watch the Junior Olympic Competition kickoff, but sadly we missed it. Gladly, we took a walk in the park.

Kincaid park is beautiful. Families were out sledding with the kids and some cross-country skiers were all enjoying the sunny weather. During a break on a park bench, I looked up in the trees and spotted a bald eagle. Only in Alaska...

On our way home from the park we found a big bull moose hanging out in a neighborhood. Without hesitation, Andrew stopped the car, grabbed his camera and followed the moose through the neighborhood then into the woods. You can see in the pictures how giant this guy is. In one picture you can hardly see the truck behind him.

After a day full of great wildlife sightings we stopped for a treat at Coldstone then trekked back home to hang out with a couple of smaller (and tamer) creatures at the house.

Here are the photos...

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