Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sorry Florida, no sympathy here

I’ve been trying really hard (actually, not very hard at all) to be sympathetic to the low temperatures South Florida is feeling these days. Tonight it’s supposed to dip into the mid 20s and everyone is wondering where they cand find a pair of gloves, maybe a scarf, too.

So, I’m sorry if I don’t sound very sympathetic when you call and say it’s “cold” in South Florida because I’d be happy for it to be in the mid 20s up here. Here's today's forecast for Anchorage:

I know I’ve only been up in Alaska for a year now, but here’s my advice:

  • Cover your flowers
  • Put on a sweater
  • Turn on the heat
  • Call the A/C guy when your heat won’t work because it hasn’t been used in two years
  • Try the heat again
  • And have a bowl of soup

Well, I think that’s enough bitterness for one day... Try to send some of that "warm" 20 degree weather up here and maybe my mood will lighten up a little.

P.S. I’m writing this as I wait for the Jeep to thaw out in the garage before I go to the store. Give me a call when you can’t roll down the window because it’s frozen shut, until then, just go put on a jacket.


  1. I live in Florida, and it has been cold, but I know its definitely nothing compared you Alaska. Especially since I know in a few days its gonna go back up to the 70's

  2. Thanks for the comment Joey! When I lived in Florida I would have been freaking out about 20 degree weather, hands down. I used to turn on the heat in my car when it hit 55. Now that I've spent a year in the arctic, 20s really isn't that bad.

  3. It still feels cold and I plan on staying indoors with the smelly heat that is blowing out of the air conditioner that hasn't been used since I don't now when! I might just make some Chili,pay some bills,read,watch the soaps,curl up with a blanket,and take a nap.

  4. Hi Mom! Well, I hope you enjoy your chilly winter day. Chili sounds good, I'll be making Gypsy soup. I'm trying out this recipe from AllRecipes -