Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just when you think your toilet paper is safe ...

Just when you think your toilet paper is safe, you find a crime scene like this ...

The main suspect? Simone. (Mug shot below.)

Ok, so she likes to tear up my toilet paper (she really loves to destroy the extra cushy and extra costly Charmin Ultra Soft), but who could yell at a face like that?

Well, truthfully I do yell. I yell and clap while chasing her out of the bathroom, like the cat will actually learn a lesson from it.

She's got the last laugh though, because I know she's going to do it again. When I catch her, I'll yell and clap and the neighbors will wonder why they live next to a crazy person. Then after all the yelling and clapping, Simone will smile and start plotting her next attack.

So, next time you come over our house and wonder why our bathroom doors are locked, please don't ask - we have a cat with a toilet paper fetish.

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