Thursday, July 24, 2008

Officially the gloomiest summer in history

So, all the talk I was hearing when I first got up here about how Alaskan summers are "absolutely wonderful" sounds like one big joke right about now. Apparently, this summer is going down in the books as the gloomiest summer in recorded history.

Not kidding, read the article - Gloomy summer set for infamy, Anchorage Daily News

We had two wonderful days where the temperature made it above 70, two. During a usual Alaskan summer, we should get about 15 hot (at least, hot for Alaska) days.

What's all this talk about global warming? No signs of it up here ... So far, we've only had seven days where the temperature reached 65. 65?!?! Up here people are walking around in tank tops, shorts and some flip flops, back in Florida you could find people breaking out the mittens.

The sad part is there's no hope. Forecasters say it will stay cool and cloudy for the rest of the month and into August.

So, everyone keep your fingers crossed that the clouds open up long enough for Martha's visit. She arrives tomorrow and is staying a little over a week, I'm hoping some warm Florida weather follows her up.

Well, that's enough complaining about the weather from me. Hope everyone in the "lower 48" (as they like to say up here) is having a hot, hot summer!

Just one more thing ... will someone please go outside today and get a sunburn for me?

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