Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leaving Alaska on a hot note

We're hitting record high temperatures up here in the great state of AK. It got up to 80 degrees yesterday, breaking the 79 degree record set in 2005.

From the ADN:

The weather in Southcentral has been experiencing a curious phenomenon in recent days that was largely missing last year.

Weather experts are calling it "summer."

Elsewhere in the city, temperatures crept even higher, though the marks were recorded at sites considered unofficial by the weather service. The Upper Hillside hit 82 degrees, and East Anchorage logged 83 degrees. The Campbell Creek Science Center hit 86.

Last summer, only two days broached the 70-degree mark at the weather service's Sand Lake station, setting a record for the fewest such days. On average, Anchorage sees 16 days that hit 70 or higher.

Andrew refuses to drive without the windows down and calls me a wimp when I beg for air conditioning. My argument: I'd still have the AC on if it were 80 in Florida.

So, we're moving out at the only time I've ever wished we had air conditioning up here. One of the movers asked me to turn it on yesterday and I chuckled. None of that up here. Even worse, we let them take our only fan.

It looks like I'll be more prepared for the Florida heat than I thought.

Unlike Mrs. Palin, we welcome the heat. (Along with a little AC, of course.)

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