Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Developing story: Lost cat

Last night I get a call from someone thinking she's found my cat Irie (got my number from one of the "lost cat" posters I put up). Andrew and I drop what we're doing, drive down two streets to investigate.

Well, we found a lost cat, but not our lost cat. This guy is much smaller, a black/gray tiger, cute and very friendly. It's starting to get pretty cold at night, in the low 30s. We had the travel box in the car, so of course we box him up and take him home.

So, we've had this little guy in our garage since yesterday afternoon (don't worry, it's heated). He's definitely an indoor cat, familiar with the door and how to get in. But, he has front claws and I don't know what his relationship with furniture is like.

In a failed experiment, Andrew tried introducing our little Willie to the new cat. Lets just say it wasn't love at first sight.

My job today after work - bring him to a shelter to see if he's microchipped. If it were my cat, I hope someone would do the same.

If he's not microchipped and doesn't have a mom, I won't be leaving him at the shelter to be destroyed. He'll be coming back home to our warm garage until I find the little guy a home. (Hopefully, not my home. Too much work making friends with our cat and what if we find our other cat? Then we'd be at three. No way.)

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