Monday, April 14, 2008

Eagle River hike pictures

We had an open day on Saturday, so I suggested we go for a walk. Andrew says we should go to the Eagle River Nature Center, just outside of Anchorage.

Well, now I know that when Andrew talks about "nature centers," he really saying "let's go on an eight-mile hike."

It was my first Alaskan hike, and I'm still feeling a bit of pain in my knee, but we had a great time. Andrew climbed every rock he could find, I only fell in the snow once, and we got some great pictures along the trail ... a pretty good day if you ask me.

Below is a map of the trail we hiked. It's a section of the old Iditarod trail, formerly used as a transportation and mail route. We started at the Nature Center and hiked four miles out to The Perch (I marked it with a big arrow). Click on the image and it will open up larger in a new window.


  1. Great shots, what a winter wonderland. Thanks for sharing. :)Leslie

  2. Terrific hike. Seems like just the proper distance and plcace to hike when Nick and I come to visit. (looks like you (Andrew) got yourself a new backpack; very similar to mine).